Road Department

Union Township Street Department

Superintendent – Dave Cable

526 E. Main Street  •  Hebron, Ohio  43025

Office:  740-928-2376

2014 Road Condition Analysis & Budget Summary Report – JG3 Consulting

                                                                 2014 Pavement Management Final Report – JG3 Consulting

Union Township Road Crew works to keep the roads we drive on;  
Pothole Free 

Last year's township purchase of a "Dura Patcher" has enable the Road Department to do maintenance on the township roads.  This new innovative, is a solution in road and street pavement maintenance to help in keeping the roads pothole free.   The Dura Patcher is used in sealing cracks in roadways and keeping them from becoming a pot hole in the future.  The Union Township Street Department is aggressively doing crack sealing and pothole repair throughout the township, as the weather permits.  With 51 miles of roads and streets in the township.  It is the goal to keep the roads and streets safe as possible and pothole free.   When traveling the roads, be cautious for the crews are working hard on the roads to keep your ride a smooth one.  

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